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Top 10 Gardening Tips

Find out the most important ten things you need to know to garden successfully for either garden plants or food produce.




7. Discover Your ZEN

Knowing your “hardiness zones” in your newly established garden can help you choose the best plants. Simply put, it describes the coldest place a plant can grow.

The higher the zone number, the warmer the climate. So if a plant is “hardy to zone 4” and you garden in zone 5, that plant will be hardy and survive. If, however, you’re in zone 3, it’s too cold to grow that particular plant, again, reach out to the experts who will more than happy to advise which are the best plants for your garden.

8. Learn Your Frost Dates

Planting too early (or late) in the season can spell disaster for your newly established garden as you need to know the last average spring frost date for your area so you don’t accidentally kill plants by putting them out prematurely.

It’s also good to know your first average autumn frost date so that you get your plants harvested or moved indoors before late-season cold damages them. Again, ask for help from plant suppliers who are experts in this field.


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