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Here's supplier of Sports, Rehabilitation and Fitness Equipment with over 700 Fitness products in stock available for immediate dispatch.


The 66fit range was designed and developed by Physio Supplies using their team’s extensive knowledge and customer feedback.


As a company, they are dedicated to supplying physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and sports therapy equipment direct to the public, patient, and professional at affordable prices.

66fit products now encompass not just physiotherapy equipment, but also sports, rehabilitation, home fitness, and gym equipment and for this reason, felt that the name Physio Supplies no longer reflected who we are and we have become 66fit Limited.

They believe true fitness is all or nothing so they’ve created 66fit for people who measure themselves against their own expectations and then exceed them.

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66fit is both a range of products and a state of mind so the equipment serves to fit into your regime at the appropriate level, allowing you to train more dynamically and more effectively.

All this and more, take a further look and enjoy all that 66fit has to offer!


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