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Ever dreamt of owning a 🏇 racehorse - experience your love of horse racing from a totally unique angle with shares starting from £49.

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a racehorse, the glamour, the access, the winning feeling of cheering on your runner from the owner’s enclosure!


Experience your love of horse racing from a totally unique angle with shares starting from £49 with All About Sundays!

It’s a dream for many sports fans but joining the ultra-exclusive racehorse ownership club is just that for most people – a dream.

Well, until now that is. Sunday Racing has changed all that with its revolutionary Sunday Racehorse Ownership Syndicate which aims to bring the experience of owning a racehorse to everyone for a fraction of the cost.

With their share prices starting from as little as £49, its aim is to bring you, the racing fan, as close as possible to your horse through content and video updates via our app.

All About Sundays - Racehorse Video

Their Sundays App provides you with all the content and data that you need to know how well your horse is training.

Their unique tracking device and heart monitor will provide you with speed and performance data relating to your horse when they’re working.

So if you have a passion to own your own racehorse, you’ve found it > All About Sundays!


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