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Art of Metal

Richard Bower's handcrafted metal wall art, clocks, mirrors, candlesticks, and home accents with colours and patterns are achieved by heat treatment.


Art Of Metal provides individually handmade wall art, sculptures, mirrors, clocks, and candlesticks plus much more!


Art Of Metal has many smart and stylish designs to meet every need.

Artist and business owner Richard Bower has a background in engineering means that in his time he has turned his hand to everything from girders to gates and metal sculpture.
Ironically though, rather than taking inspiration from all things industrial, his rustic Derbyshire roots mean his true love lies in the immortalisation of his environment.

His infinite creativity and curiosity have led him to develop the bespoke designs, processes, and treatments which make his products so unique. Through Art of Metal, he is constantly evolving and updating his designs as well as working on specially commissioned individual pieces โ€“ from colossal sculptures to intricate curtain poles.

โ€œI love everything about the creative process,โ€ he adds โ€œyou start with an idea and rough raw material and finish up with a perfect end product.โ€

Enjoy more of his work on his website – Art Of Metal!


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