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πŸ₯€ BotanicLab Drinks

Creating healthy and nutritional πŸ₯€ drinks of the future and where good-for-you is a given - your daily dose of calm!


BotanicLab Drinks believes that it’s time for brands to live up to their claims, it’s time for drinks that do something!


They believe there’s a better way to make drinks- where interesting is essential and good-for-you is a given.

Made with real depth, rare ingredients, and a raw (and racy) personality,Β BotanicLab’s Drinks are functional by nature not merely by name. Their drinks have magnificent benefits without modification, free from rules, expectations, and compromise – they go where others won’t!

They believe that life tastes better when you’ve oiled the cogs with a little Mind Lube or ordered yourself a Latin Lover for the evening – BotanicLab’s are serious about botanicals.

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BotanicLab Product Video

They create delicious drinks that say what they mean and do what they say, calling time on the virtue-signaling promises of the so-called health industry – they make drinks that do something. They like people that way too – in an image-obsessed world, where pictures often shout louder than actions, BotanicLab’s champions the people who get up, take action and do something.

Head to their blog to find out more about the “Do Something” which is the ethos set at the heart of BotanicLabs!


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