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Bunches Flowers

If you're needing a UK florist for beautifully handcrafted flowers and floral bouquets for your special occasion, try these!


At Bunches they believe that business can and should have a positive impact. Bunches doesn’t exist simply to create profits.

Bunches FlowersTheir values haven’t changed since they started selling flowers under an umbrella back in 1989.

Bunches are family-owned who is all about relationships, whether that be with their customers, suppliers, or our staff. They have the pleasure of selling a product that brings joy to others and aims to do so fairly and to the highest standards.

Bunches have always been committed to giving a minimum of 10% of profits to working with the poor either in the UK or largely in the developing world.

As far as Bunches are concerned, this doesn’t just mean signing a cheque and then walking away. They are actively involved in deciding how these funds are managed and providing other, practical support too.

So if you’re looking for and ethical florist who can make you beautifully prepared flowers, you need Bunches!

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