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Must-Have Car Accessories For The Perfect Road Trip

The best tech to have in your car for the best driving experience, the must-have car 🚗 accessories for the perfect road trip.


When you are about to make a road trip, it’s nice to have some equipment in your car that may help improve your driving experience!

In this blog, we’ve put together some tech suggestions for ‘must-have’ car accessories so for that perfect road trip or just general use – either way, you’re covered!

Of course, our list of tech goodies from Amazon is by no means exhaustive but what it will do, is provide you with some great easy-to-use tech suggestions to keep you both safe and focused on your car journey…so let’s begin!



Imagine having a car accident and having to explain to your insurance company that the accident wasn’t your fault – that can be pretty difficult.

What you need is a Dash Cam that covers every moment whilst in your car that you can transfer footage to your phone or laptop. With this dashcam on your car dashboard, you can actually prove that the accident wasn’t your fault!

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Sometimes the radio in the car doesn’t work well, or you just want to play your own songs whilst driving.

You can simply hook your mobile phone up to this FM Transmitter and be able to play your own music in an instant! Most transmitters, you can put right into the cigarette lighter socket and use it as a hands-free calling device as well as charging your phone!

SUNWAN Jump Starter

It might happen that your car won’t start and waiting for a tow truck service or someone who is willing to help you, can cost you a lot of time and money.

The Sunwan Jump Starter is a small, handy device that can jump-start your vehicle up to twenty times on a single charge. Very easy to use and comes with heavy-duty cables and clamps. In addition, this device can also charge any portable device.

Rear View Camera

To get a dual camera that looks ahead and rear, we’ve added this clever device to our list.

This TwoGaurad Rearview Dashcam is the solution for anyone who finds parking a challenge, with the help of this mirror dashcam, you can see what’s happening behind you decreasing the possibility of an accident.

Mini Fridge

When you have got a long drive ahead of you, you’ll probably want something to eat or drink along the way. Which could prove costly stopping off and using service stations or stores, especially when it’s hot outside.

You can buy mini-fridges that are made to use in the car which can be plugged into your car’s USB port.

Car Organiser

You’ve probably got a lot of stuff lying around in your car and with kids, it’s probably even more.

A backseat car organiser can help you to keep everything a little bit more organised, so the one we’ve gone for comes with an array of compartments and contains flexible pockets allowing you to keep your car neat and tidy but still keep everything within arm’s reach.

Radar Detector

Every year, thousands of people, usually due to a lack of attention whilst driving, get tickets for driving too fast.  It’s very easy to install and use and for less than £15.00 it will save you a fortune in speeding fines.

With a radar detector in your car, you’ll know the location of these speed cameras which will serve as a timely reminder to watch your speed and help you to avoid getting speed tickets.

First Aid Kit

It makes perfect sense that we all carry a first aid kit in our vehicles, especially when carrying small children. So whilst we have listed this later down our list, by no means is it a lesser important tool toward keeping you and your passengers safe.

Especially in case of any unfortunate accidents and you find yourself miles away from the nearest Hospital or for whatever reason, your mobile signal cannot reach the Emergency Services.

Car Rugs

And here is one of the most neglected items that will keep you safe and warm – car blankets.

In case you break down in the middle of nowhere and cannot summon assistance these will keep you and yours, warm and snug. So keep a set of warm woollen rug blankets to wrap your passengers warm.


From time to time, a vehicle owner can expect to have a tire puncture and typically, these always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, such as school runs, on a motorway, or in the middle of nowhere.

With TireWeld, you simply remove your tyre valve cover cap, screw on the tire weld hose, press a button and it will seal most punctures within minutes, allowing you to drive a distance of 70 miles.


So there you have it, our gadgets and tips for those car journeys that you can use to make your drive both safe and comfortable.

As with all tech, it’s always best to check them out via reviews before you buy them. Be sure to drop by our growing Tech Section which may be of interest to you!


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