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They have more than 70 million members where you can play chess free, join tournaments, and improve your game with lessons and chess videos!

ChesscomShop is the official shop powered by The House of Staunton.


Makers of the world’s finest chess equipment, they are one of the top chess destinations with more than 70 million members!

Play for free, join tournaments and improve your game with lessons and videos from top Grandmasters and coaches.

Improve your tactics, strategy, analytical thinking and problem-solving with training tools and discussion forums.

They offer chess sets, boards, boxes and more across all types and budgets – from plastic sets to use at a local chess club to luxurious heirloom chess sets to pass on to future generations.

The company pioneered the concept of Free Worldwide Shipping and now has available more than 500 different products that can be delivered to 137 different countries at no cost.

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Their chess products have been prominently featured in countless movies, television shows, print ads, book covers and comic strips.

Most recently, they partnered with Netflix to create a line of promotional chess equipment for The Queen’s Gambit, the most-watched miniseries in Netflix history.

They also served as the official equipment provider for Disney’s The Queen of Katwe and Bleeker-Street’s Pawn Sacrifice.

Often referred to as The Chessmen of Champions, the company is an official equipment provider of the St. Louis Chess Club, where their patented chess pieces are played by the world’s greatest players at such prestigious events as the Cairns Cup and the Sinquefield Cup.

So for all you chess obsessives out there, you’ll totally love > > ChesscomShop!


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