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Clear Crystal Jewellery

A leading global online jewellery 💎 retailer who designs and creates fashionable jewellery at an affordable price that many can afford.


Clear Crystal Jewellery is a global online Jewellery Retailer, that designs and creates fashionable jewellery at a price many can afford


Clear Crystal Jewellery has a close relationship with SWAROVSKI® of almost 10 years allowing them to create pieces with a renowned, highly reputable brand and quality

One of the most recognised and popular products is their Christmas Crackers that contain gifts created with SWAROVSKI® Crystals, described by Swarovski® Corporate Gifts Manager as being “very innovative” who sell many thousands of boxes year-on-year.

They are continuously working on new designs to keep up with current trends globally and have responded to the many customer comments regarding the use of plastic in their packaging which has been reduced by over 60% and is working towards eliminating the use of ALL plastic in the near future.

In all, they are confident that you will find something appealing from their range whether it be a gift to yourself or someone else, and with an excellent customer service team, they can rightly boast an excellent score with Trustpilot.

Take a look around and enjoy the offerings by Clear Crystal Jewellery


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