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With these shoes you get extra-roomy deep wide Footwear for swollen feet, Painful Feet or wide feet and socks.

Cosyfeet Extra Roomy footwear is designed to be the most comfortable footwear available for anyone with swollen or extra wide feet.


With over 11,000 Health Care Professionals recommending Cosyfeet we have a great number of people trying to find our shoes and accessories.

There’s wide-fitting and then there’s Cosyfeet!

We offer a much roomier fitting than the wide-fitting footwear you’ll find on the high street. We are a small, friendly company based in Somerset with over 30 years’ experience of fitting swollen feet.

Our exclusive extra roomy socks and hosiery are made with lots more material in the foot and leg parts to give a generous and comfortable fit for swollen feet, ankles and legs.

For optimum comfort, Cosyfeet’s Softhold® range includes extra roomy socks and hosiery that stay up gently yet securely without digging in, restricting circulation or leaving unsightly marks.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable ill fitting shoes, enjoy cosy fitting shoes and fab socks with Cosyfeet!

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