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Durovin Bathrooms

One of the UK's premium providers of niche bathrooms, sliding doors, stone resin basins, and rimless toilets.

Durovin Bathrooms stands tall as a brand committed to providing a high standard of quality bathroom products.


With nine years of online sales experience, their interior sliding glass doors, rimless toilets, stone resin basins, and frameless shower doors have proven to be the most favourable and distinguished amongst a sea of competitors.

Why not upgrade your bathroom basin sinks to Stone Resin They offer a wide range of beautifully crafted and high-quality Stone Resin sinks in all of the different sizes, shapes, and colours needed to fit into your bathroom.

Stone Resin, alternatively known as Cast Stone, allows for a more durable basin that is also renewable which is why they offer a wide array of basin types consisting of Wall Hung, Countertop, Semi-Recessed (vanity), and Freestanding Pedestal basin units to fit all of your needs and rooms, including cloakrooms.

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Also, take a look at their glamourous bathroom sliding doors in 3 different sizes 775mm, 900mm, and 1025mm which consist of a mixture of both clear and frosted glass. Their designs are suitable for all rooms and this translucent glass, will give brightness and life to your room. All glass is nano-coated, with reversible fittings, 2 choices of handles, and an optional soft-close option. Buy one and change your room today.

You can find out more via their social media channels > Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and their Blog!

Whatever your bathroom design needs, take a look at Durovin Bathrooms!


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