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Everything LED

They do everything LED offering a ton of LED Lighting ideas that will save on your Lighting Costs with Led Bulbs that are built to last!


Everything-LED is a lighting LED Store.

Everything LED

They cater from homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills to trade customers fitting out retail or commercial buildings.

Everything LED keeps their range simple so it’s easy to find the right product but all the necessary options is available i.e. all fitments, colour outputs, and dimmable options.

They only sell high-quality brands such as Philips, Megaman, etc, and also stock ‘Which?’ Award-winning LED bulbs. They also offer the most competitive prices for the most established brands on the market.

In addition to LED Bulbs, they sell indoor and outdoor light fittings and electrical accessories and TrustPilot score of 9.5/10 reflects the effort and value they place into customer service.

At Everything LED it’s a simple ethos, there are passionate about reducing the carbon footprint they leave on our planet and reducing the stress of increased energy costs.

They want to encourage our customers to go green to help save the planet and in turn, be rewarded with significant savings on energy bills.

So by switching your home to LED Lightbulbs can reduce your lighting’s energy consumption by as much as 90%!

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