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Exante Diet

Here's a flexible diet system to help you achieve your ideal weight goal with your very own design plan!


The Exante Diet has the largest range of high-protein vegan meal replacement and weight-management products in the UK!

Exante Diet

Whether you want to lose weight or tone up, you’re going to love the range of flexible, easy-to-follow plans to suit you with no calorie counting, no weekly meetings, no subscriptions!

At PrimeSiteUK, we have a whole office full of gorgeous women and of all sizes, so we thought is that many of us are vegans, we’d give it a go!

So here’s what happened…

We found that there were a ton of gorgeous flavours like Lemon Cheesecake, Salted Caramel, Toffee Nut and Cookies, and Cream….so yeah, losing and managing our weight with Exante Diet never tasted so good!

Now, we know what your thinking….here we go again…the yo-yo begins – NOT WITH THIS APPROACH and we could tell you that many of us girls (ages range is 23 – 58) LOST a dress size!

We could tell you that this fresh dieting approach is tons better than all the ‘other’ we had tried, we could tell you that we look and feel ten times better since being on the exante program but, as with all things in life you have to try it yourself!

Think you’ve tried them all, right?

If you need more info, read their blog for helpful recipes, hints, tips, and hacks to help support and educate you not only on how to live a healthy lifestyle but girls, whatever your age…….you will look and feel fabulous!

But don’t take out word for it…..head over to Exante Diet!

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