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A URL redirection service enabling anyone to make their web address such as business or social media using a memorable, colourful four-letter word called a FOUR.


Four is a URL redirection service enabling you to make your web address (business, social media etc) represented by a memorable, colourful four-letter word


They are 20 billion unique FOUR’s and each one is for sale for just £19.95 – a one-off cost that you own for life.

Each FOUR is just 4 characters long and each character is either red, green, blue, or yellow which creates an incredible amount of combinations. That’s more than enough for one for every person and business in the entire world!

Once a user has purchased a FOUR, they can input what web page they want it to redirect to when inputted at Then, they just need to display the FOUR instead of a long, unmemorable URL to drive traffic to their web page.

The first step to ownership of your very own FOUR is to type it in at and see if it’s available to buy. (it will be as long as no one else has snapped it up already!) Choose the FOUR you would like and then type it in and press go. If it is available, you will be given the option to purchase the FOUR for just £19.95.

From business owners wanting to advertise their products, to social media influencers that want a visual way for people to connect with their brand. Find out how people will use their FOUR’s, especially with Web3 and the Metaverse around the corner!

Print your FOUR on a t-shirt and link it to your JustGiving page and gain sponsorship when people see you on your practice runs and on social media wearing your shirt. Do the same as a TikTok influencer where your FOUR URL can redirect to your profile!

Grab your own, unique URL from FOUR today!


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