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Funky Chunky Furniture

Handcrafted solid wood ?️ furniture, shelves, and mantels made from sustainably sourced timbers with a choice of colours.

Funky Chunky Furniture handcrafts solid wood furniture, shelves, and mantels in its workshop in the North East of England.


Its collections of furniture are designed to suit a range of styles, from the chunky rustic, country farmhouse, Scanid-inspired, minimalist and industrial design.

Each piece is made-to-order from sustainably sourced timbers and is available in a choice of finish colours.

All furniture comes with a 25 Year Guarantee and free delivery on orders £50+ to UK Mainland address.

They believe that beautifully crafted wooden furniture can help you create a home as unique as your family.

That’s why they’ve created collections of furniture to suit a range of styles, from the rustic farmhouse Derwent collection, and the pared-back charm of the Wansbeck through to the minimalist lines of the Ouseburn, and more.

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All their furniture and shelves also come with choices, so you can have your perfect made-to-order piece.

Choose from different coloured wax finishes to create a piece that fits your style; choose the length and thickness of your shelves, and the length and width of key furniture pieces like tables, benches, and beds.

Every wooden shelf or piece of solid wood furniture that they sell is handcrafted in their workshop in the North East of England.

Their team of skilled joiners and craftspeople bring designs to life, creating made-to-order furniture that’s truly unique.

No two pieces look exactly the same. That’s because they’re made of beautiful timbers that naturally have different grains and features, and are crafted by different members of their team.

So for modern, bespoke pieces to either compliment or make you home, you’ll love > Funky Chunky Furniture!


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