Hawkers UK

One the leading brands that revolutionised the #sunglasses industry by selling its products worldwide online


Hawkers UK is an international sunglasses brand that has more than 400 different models each season


Hawkers is the brand that revolutionized the sunglasses industry by selling its products online.

After over ten years of expertise in modern entrepreneurship, hawkers are an eyewear e-commerce leader in over 20 countries worldwide with a growing physical retail store presence in our key markets.

Through their relationships with some of the world’s leading suppliers, hawkers provide some of the most exclusive eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, and more.

Additionally, they aim to provide the best eyeglasses for professionals with the outstanding technology of our blue block lenses — with a view to help our customers put the important aspects of life into focus.

So whatever your style, shape, or focus – you’ll love Hawkers UK!


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