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How To Keep Yourself Fit

Getting fit and back into shape may sound easy but, without the motivation, you know it's never going to happen!

Getting into shape and yourself fit may sound easy and you may have all the fancy gear but, without the motivation you know it’s never going to happen, right


Often, the best way to get motivated is by joining a local club that offers classes in your desired fitness regime.

So we did some research and found some amazon links as football, tennis training, golf, running, gym, yoga and tons more ideas to get you into some physical action, something that you can either play and enjoy for fun or competitively.

But what are your other options open to you that won’t break the bank and get you moving?

Here are some simple ideas and suggestions to get you going …



This is cool sport which is growing fast with pre-millennials mainly because it is not that difficult to start playing no matter what your age. There are courts popping up all over the place in local parks and fitness centres – you can probably find a club near you by using Google.

In terms of equipment, you don’t need anything other than a Padel Racket and maybe some Padel Balls.

You most likely have a pair of trainers and some clothes you can run around in. The number one suggestion is to find 2-3 other pals which can make a regular doubles game. Go and check it out together, play around and see how you like it. If it is fun and you get a workout then set up a regular game.



Why try cycling Well, it’s good for your circulation, generates more energy, and more importantly, it is brilliant for maintaining good, mental health – wellness!

Now, depending on where you live, you can travel in and out of town once you’ve got past the overcrowded cycle lanes. In some towns and cities, you can hire them at various shopping malls where some Councils run cycling schemes where you pop-in your payment, unhook the bike, and you’re away!

You need a bike helmet and perhaps some quality gloves, and so that you don’t get dehydrated, take a bike water bottle to cool you down as you get into it! – read our article on why cycling is good for you



Ever tried golfing?

Even if you don’t think you will like it We’re not suggesting joining a golf club and entering the match-play tournament on Saturday mornings!

Just encouraging you to give the golf a try at a driving range and smash a few balls releasing those endorphins and pent-up frustration. If you much prefer to practice in your own garden, try this portable driving range!

The driving range is time alone, socially distanced, and also a good workout for the beginner. 40, 60 or a hundred balls is a lot of hitting. Make sure you follow the principles of watching the ball, rotating the hips, and lining up your shoulders with where you want the ball to go, and who knows, you might get the golfing bug!



There are myriad videos and yoga flows that you can do whilst isolated at home, get out your mat and flow with someone in awesome leggings guiding you through the process on the TV or Tablet however, you can also do your flow in your garden and other interesting locations as well.

Now these are only simple ideas and suggestions but you get the idea, right After all, taking up a sport,  diving into a fitness regime, or just a brisk walk around the local park, can only be a good thing!



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