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LA Muscle

These provide all the supplements your body will ever need, whatever your #sport such as bodybuilding!

LA Muscle is a privately owned British ethical sports nutrition company based in London, England.
LA Muscle

They supply premium sports supplements which are used by celebrities, sports stars as well as ordinary men and women who want the best.

LA Muscle has its own Research & Development team of scientists worldwide that are constantly working on and developing new exclusive formulations.

They sell sports supplements like Norateen Heavyweight II, Fat Stripper and LA Whey Gold which can only be bought from LA Muscle.

Supplements like Norateen Heavyweight II have been featured on national & international television and have been praised by magazines such as Men’s Health as the best in their field.

If your into your sport or training such as bodybuilding, LA Muscle guarantee only the best training supplements you will ever need!

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