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Life Armour Supplements

Award-winning 100% natural supplements, developed and recommended by experts, supplements nourish from within to help protect against the stresses and strains of modern life.

Life Armour Supplements, helps protect against the stresses and strains of modern life.


Their 100% natural formulas work in harmony with your body whilst their intelligent blends adapt their function according to your body’s needs to help reduce the effects of modern life.

Portable and convenient to take with you on the move, drops of balance will keep you at your best in times of need. 100% natural, vegan friendly, and completely alcohol-free, so you’re left with concentrated active ingredients that really work and where you can rely on their drops of balance tincture to help you through a hectic day.

NEW high-strength daily supplement to support a healthy immune system, healthy bones, and overall well-being. 100% natural vegan-friendly and alcohol-free each 1ml serving contain 1000iu Vitamin D3 and 75mcg Vitamin K combined with a prebiotic to aid absorption and support a healthy gut and adaptogenic mushrooms for overall wellbeing.

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 work together to ensure normal absorption of calcium which is known to help improve bone density Vitamin D contributes to maintaining healthy bones and teeth, contributes to normal muscle function, and supports a healthy immune system.

Life Amour likes to think of it as sunshine and strength in a bottle!

So for all things healthy for your skin at Life Armour Supplements!


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