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London Grocery

A fresh fine food 🧆 store that delivers to your home, quality, premium foods using locally sourced products.

London Grocery is a London-based fresh fine food store that has a quite exciting range of food products.

This includes tropical & exotic fruits, wagyu steaks, ostrich eggs, lobsters and caviar, and more.

They are an innovative team of food engineers, having designed the service with the aim of directly and efficiently delivering to the end consumers.

London Grocery Video

Their business model reduces the interaction with fresh food up to 85% vs. physical stores and who makes a daily and direct procurement from local farms, produce, meat, and fish halls overnight and dispatch freshly within 3-6 hours through their cold chain logistics network to ensure maximum freshness using temperature-controlled recyclable boxes for the transportation of food goods.

So for locally sourced, fresh food to your door, you need London Grocery


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