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‍Lyle & Scott

A Scottish men's fashion brand with a 140-year history built on a reputation for crafting high-quality knitwear and other clothing.


Lyle & Scott is a Scottish men’s fashion brand with a 140-year history


Its reputation is built on crafting high-quality knitwear and other fashion-related clothing.

They are a brand with true authenticity, heritage, and expertise recognised throughout the world; from early collaborations with Christian Dior to clothing some of the world’s golfing greats.

In the 50s, they collaborated with Dior, stamping their status as an expert in knitwear.

Throughout the 60s, their combination of fashion and function lead their garments to become commonplace on the putting green – being sported by some of the industry’s biggest legends.

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By the time the 80s hit, the subcultural movement on the European football fields saw their signature Golden Eagle soar from golf knits to youth attire.

Its flight continued through the decades that followed, with the 2000s’ obsession with indie bands sealing them as an icon in British culture.

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With such a unique approach to men’s fashion, you’ll love their range > Lye & Scott


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