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For all your DIY, home improvement, and gardening products at the best prices!


ManoMano is a French start-up operating internationally to revolutionise the world of DIY and gardening for professionals and consumers.


Making your DIY, gardening & home projects easier, from the idea to the final tightening of the screw, is what they try to do every day at ManoMano.

A shelf to mount, a garden to attend to or a home renovation, they are with you from start-to-finish so that you can take on (very) small or even (very) large projects, whatever your level.

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And because it represents over 3,600 retail partners and brings together the most comprehensive online DIY, home & gardening catalogue and with more than 10 million products, so as you will see, there’s enough to suit all styles & projects.

DIY and Gardening are one of the largest pastimes of millions, and with so much more to see, visit ManoMonoUK


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