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Movie – A Town Called Alice

After liberation from a Japanese prisoner of war camp, a woman travels to Australia, a town called Alice, to find a man who helped her.


A Town Like Alice is a romance novel by Nevil Shute, published in 1950.

Jean Paget, a young English woman, is a prisoner in a Japanese Prisoner Camp.

Trying to survive, she becomes romantically interested in a fellow prisoner during World War II in Malaya, who helps her with food, medicines, and a pack of cigarettes.

After liberation, she travels to Australia and attempts to find him, by investing her substantial financial inheritance, to generate economic prosperity in a small outback community – to turn it into “A Town Like Alice” i.e. known today as Alice Springs.

Starring Peter Finch and Virginia McKenna

As PrimeSiteUK is based in Wolverhampton and since our City is mentioned in the film, we thought to feature our piece of history in this iconic film.

Other than that, this is a beautifully told story … enjoy!

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