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Mr Tyres

One of Europe's largest online tyre retailers with a network of E-Commerce shops that spans 35 countries and features more than 20000 tyre 🛞 fitting centres!

Mr Tyes, was founded in Hanover in 1999. With 128 online shops in 42 countries, the company offers its private and business customers an unequalled assortment of excellently priced car tyres.


This includes motorcycle tyres, truck tyres, bus tyres, special tyres, bicycle tyres, rims, complete wheels (pre-mounted tyres on rims), selected replacement car parts and accessories, motor oil and batteries.

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They deliver either directly to the customer’s home address or to one of more than 34,000 service partners all over the world – affiliated garages that take delivery of tyres and then install these on the customer’s vehicle.

This independent tyre service contains impartial information about tyre tests and helps the customer choose from more than 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 tyre models.

Their wholesale division also sells tyres to wholesalers domestically and abroad and with top-quality tyres at low prices and with a huge range on offer, it’s no wonder the company has already 4.4 million satisfied customers worldwide.

So if you’re looking for quality tyres at affordable prices, you need Mr Tyres!


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