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Music Gateway

A market-leading platform designed for mass-market creatives, amateur musicians, and professionals working in the music industry.


Music Gateway is a Sync Licensing agent working directly with music supervisors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, filmmakers, and TV production companies worldwide


It provides subscription accounts (monthly & annually) with a marketplace, multiple tools to streamline workflow, cloud storage, and a wealth of high-level work opportunities.

Music Gateway is a global platform with a team of people behind it that work passionately to provide products and services that help create a level playing field of opportunity and productivity for creative professionals worldwide through unique solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Started in the founder’s back garden with a dream, it now works with some of the biggest brands in the creative industries as well as the best up-and-coming talent across the world to help their projects go from dream to reality.

So if you’re looking for or needing a pro-sync licensing agent, you need Music Gateway!


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