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My First Five Years

There is no manual for parenting so here's the next best thing, an award-winning child development app that provides the tools in their first five years.

My First Five Years is an award-winning app designed specifically for children.


The App provides the tools, knowledge and support to encourage your Child’s development in their first five years.

It includes a bank of 2000+ hints, tips, hacks and activity ideas to support each child’s unique place in their learning.

Get 6 new activities every day with our mix of 6, 1000+ skills for your baby to master in their first five years, a skills tracker to record observations and achievements, just like the early years experts do.

Video / Embed

Store photos, videos and messages as memories in your own scrapbook connect with other families, share experiences and learn in our community group chats about breastfeeding, premature babies, child development, and more.

All content is created by early years experts with extensive experience in children’s early years development.

It was created by experts that cut through the overwhelming, often contradictory advice to provide you with the tools, knowledge and support to block out unhelpful comparisons, feel more confident and better understand the unique way in which your child learns and develops.

Their safe and secure app keeps their member’s parenting journey just for them to enjoy.

Give your child that all-important advantage with My First Five Years!


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