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Natural Image Wigs

Beautiful wigs and hairpieces created with style and care for those with hairloss to help women look & feel amazing with hundreds of styles, beautiful colours.


Natural Image Wigs has exclusive collections, extensive experience, and a huge range of fabulous styles


Designed with the necessity wearer in mind, whether the hair loss has been caused by chemotherapy, alopecia or simply age-related hair thinning

Natural Image collections are classic, chic, and easy to wear, from uber fashionable styles that are natural & chic to easy wear and care styles for a more mature customer, they have a huge range of styles that appeal to all kinds of people.

Owned by Daxbourne International, they specialises in ladies wigs, hairpieces, and hair enhancers designed for both hair loss and fashion and with more than 40 Years of experience supplying wigs in the UK direct to the consumer, to wholesale clients, and to the NHS, you have more choices than ever.

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All their wigs are designed with the necessity wearer in mind, whether the hair loss has been caused by chemotherapy, alopecia, or simply age-related hair thinning, Natural Image Collections has an extensive range of styles that are classic, chic, and easy to wear.

The longest-running of their collections retain styles that have withstood the test of time and with advances in wig technology, they continue to create innovative new styles that delight both loyal and new customers.

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