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NutriBullet Magic Blender

Food Blender making it so easy to chop, dice, grate, grind, blend and juice to create healthy soups and so much more!

From the creators of the bestselling NutriBullet Magic Blender, the All in One Magic Bullet Blender, Mixer, and Food Processor.


This is the high-torque, high-speed, versatile kitchen magician that helps you prepare quick, healthy, and delicious snacks and meals in seconds!

One-touch, easy-to-use press, and twist-action make it so easy to chop, dice, grate, grind, blend, and juice to create healthy soups, smoothies, nutritious breakfasts or snacks, and desserts, dips and sauces, dice onions, chop fruit and so much more!

NutriBullet Video

NutriBullet Magic Blender is a sleek and compact design means it takes up less space on your counter than a coffee cup!

Includes a stay-fresh resealable lid, so if you make more than you need, simply twist on the lid and store it in the fridge for later, and the steamer lid and cups are dishwasher and microwave safe.

NutriBullet Magic Blender is just perfect for all your cooking, shales, and healthy drinks!


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