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Omega Breaks

Specialists in short breaks and holiday tours by coach, rail, and air as well as making your own way, and a provider of London theatre breaks.


Omega Breaks specialises in short breaks and holiday tours by Coach, Rail, and Air.Omega Breaks

They are a leading provider of London Theatre breaks and other short breaks based on entertainment and events.

Established in 1979 and over thirty years later, Omega Breaks still centres on three very important principles;  they offer good value innovative products, first-class caring customer service, and investment in their staff.

From Exeter to Manchester and Leominster to Norwich to name but a few, Omega Breaks operate in excess of 450 coach departure points in many towns and cities across the UK, meaning convenient local pick-ups for you on our London breaks.

So for peace of mind, relaxing, comfortable travel, try Omega Breaks!

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