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They sell subscription dog food with a difference, helping pet owners to obtain the best quality, health rated dogfood.

Paws is the pet well-being company making a difference to the lives of millions of Dogs.

Paws Pet Food

They take the stress out of choosing the right nutritional food for your dog.

Paws sells a curated selection of wet and dry dog food with every product carefully chosen by our panel of vets and nutritionists and matched to your dog.

They also work with leading brands like Lily’s Kitchen, James Well beloved, AATU, Barking Heads and many more leading brands.

Paws customers enjoy discounts and easy, flexible subscriptions and on top of that, they are the only place to access heavily discounted trials of a new food for your dog – learn:

Disinformation about pet food within the industry is rife, which is why Paws uses a world-first traffic light system called the ‘Dog Food Checker‘; making it easier for Pet Owners to understand the health rating of their petfood.

So when it comes to providing the best, healthy and nutritional foods for your Pet, see more on offer at Paws 🙂

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