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With more and more bikes being stolen these days, getting the right comprehensive cycle insurance is paramount!


At PedalSure, there’s not much they want to change about cycling.

Pedalsure Bike InsuranceWhether it’s soft merino, vintage steel, or the razor-sharp edge of a bicep tan line, PedalSure Insurance knows riders have been feeling the same, timeless joys since before they came along.

However, there is one thing they know has to change, which is why they’ve created a completely new kind of insurance, tailor-made for today’s cyclist.

It’s based on one simple idea, that however precious your bike is, it’s not as precious as you are so while other policies focus on the bike, PedalSure believes in covering you first, and then your bike.

Cyclists are more exposed to the risk of injury than others, but existing cycle insurance policies don’t cover riders in the same way. In fact, most only pay out small amounts in the case of lost limbs or death.

At PedalSure, that’s simply not enough when accidents happen, they believe you should be given all the support you need to get back in the saddle.

So ride with the peace of mind that PedalSure Insurance has got your back!

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