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PHD Supplements

UK leading sports nutrition brand, delivering innovative and inspirational sports nutrition products that deliver serious results!


PHD Supplements are a leading UK’s leading sports nutrition brand.

PHD Supplements

They deliver innovative and inspirational sports nutrition products that not only taste great but deliver serious results!

PHD Supplements offers 4 key product ranges; Performance, Mass & Strength, Recovery & Body Sculpt. The products are tailored to meet the user’s specific goals; whether they are looking for health & wellbeing, muscle gain, recovery, strength, power, or weight loss.

They understand the importance of education and as a large team of athletes, understand what you need in order to prosper and ensure that they provide the complete solution. On their website, it features strength and conditioning experts and champion athletes, who use every opportunity to educate the sports nutrition consumer.

They firmly believe that premium sports nutrition is for everyone who can benefit from quality sports and supplementation, which is why they work closely with athletes from all sporting backgrounds and sectors, young and old, beginner to experienced.

So whatever your fitness or sports regime needs and for help and advice, see what PHD Supplements can do for you today!

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