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P&N Homewares

Take a look at these interior designers who created a beautiful range of furniture ranging from Beds, Chairs and Dining Tables styles at affordable prices.


P&N Homewares launched in Leicester back in 2013 where a group of interior designers


They create a beautiful range of furniture offering a depth of different styles at affordable prices.

P&N Homewares understand that a bed, sofa, or dining table is much more than just a piece of furniture and we want to be there to celebrate and support all of life’s moments with you.

P&N Homewares Product Video

They pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer service, and our drive and passion so no matter what you need and how you use it, whether it’s the perfect bed, comfortable dining chairs, or a table lamp to immerse yourself in that book before lights out, P&N Homewares have what you are looking for.

So when selecting the right furniture, be sure to visit P&N Homewares and make your house a home!

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