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Puzzle Master

Enjoy a selection of brain teaser puzzles made from wood, wire, metal and plastic to tease your brain - perfect for your mental health!


Puzzle Master carries a large selection of brain teasers made from wood, wire, metal, plastic, paper and foam.


In addition to these, they carry boomerangs, chess, board games and much more.

They are a Canadian distributor of a large assortment of disentanglement puzzles, brain teasers, jigsaws, puzzle rings, trick locks, boomerangs, chess sets, etc.

The company started because of an interest in the owner, Allan Stein, who had collected wire puzzles for a few years before he thought of making them himself.

In the beginning, Allan had been making traditional puzzles that had been invented hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

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Once he found out that he was able to make the puzzles successfully, he thought “Why don’t I try to sell some of the puzzles at craft shows and see if there are people who like them as much as I do”.

At the craft shows he found that not only did the people like the puzzles, but they also loved them so after selling them at shows for a few years, decided to try and sell at some of the malls in Saskatoon.

So he rented a temporary location for 2 weeks prior to Christmas and was totally amazed at how quickly the puzzles sold and subsequently ran out in 7 days and it was at that point he realized that he had a business that was going to be viable!

Today, Allan continues to make traditional puzzles, adding his unique touch to Puzzle Master!


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