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Ribble Cycles

A cycling retailer providing industry-leading bikes, components & apparel to over 50 countries worldwide for the ultimate in bike 🚲 components.


Ribble Cycles is one of the longest established bicycle retailers in the World.


Founded in Lancashire, the UK in 1897, they continue to grow through online retailing and their showrooms in Preston and Birmingham.

Ribble Cycles pride themselves on providing industry-leading road, cyclocross, time trial, triathlon, track, adventure, touring, and hybrid bikes.

In addition, they offer a range of carefully selected components, accessories, and clothing at competitive prices, and this, combined with exceptional customer service, has led to having a strong following of customers all over the world.

Ribble Cycles Video

Recently, they have launched a range of new bikes including our first electric road bike and hybrid bikes, along with a brand-new range of road, cyclocross, and adventure bikes.

For either the amateur or the professional cyclists, your needs are covered by Ribble Cycles!


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