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Saltrock Tee-Shirts

Unique tee-shirt designs influenced by passion for the lifestyle you love wearing rocking hard-wearing, iconic designs.

Saltrock is a story that started with two surfing brothers, Angus and Ross Thomson, using a homemade printing screen, selling their designs from the back of their Austin Allegro.


The two brothers teamed up with surfer Carl Priscott and together they focused on individual graphics, screen printing, and tie-dying techniques.

30 years later technology has changed but the Saltrock team is still passionate about unique design, functionality, and quality.

Saltrock Clothing Video

Passionately true to our heritage, they still produce surf-inspired designs in Devon with freedom woven into the heart of their products, which are now shipped all over the world.

Their unique designs are influenced by their passion for the lifestyle they love. The quality of their products means that they regularly see customers in their shops still rocking hard-wearing, iconic designs from the early days of Saltrock.

So if you love unique tee-shirts, styles that just stand out from the rest, you’ll love Saltrock!


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