Science of Skin

Innovative skincare products combining the most effective ingredients from nature safely helping to soothe and repair skin.


Science of Skin develops clinically proven solution-focused skincare remedies



They offer you reliable skin therapies for you and your family, giving you innovative and effective solutions for your family’s skin health.

Taking the very best from science and nature, it was founded by one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons Douglas McGeorge and Ardeshir Bayat, an acclaimed academic skin biologist (with an international reputation in wound healing and skin scarring), both of whom are experts in skin health and passionate about creating products that actually work.

With years of collaboration and a desire to address unmet skincare needs have resulted in the development of their breakthrough cult scar treatment cream – Solution for Scars. Their range also includes scar products, award-winning acne solutions, bite cream for travel, and holiday solutions as well as their maternity cream range.

Since 2015 the range has grown to include Solution for Stretch Marks, Stretch Mark Defence, and Solution for Bites with more fantastic products in the pipeline to support your skin health needs.

On a mission to heal scars and improve your skin, the founders at the forefront of scientific research worked with ground-breaking natural actives formulating vegan skincare. Award-winning, clinically proven with outstanding scientific credentials, the results speak for themselves.

As the skin is the largest organ on our body, it makes sense to care for and protect it – Science of Skin was born!


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