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๐Ÿ’ Serenata Flowers

Serenata Flowers ๐Ÿ’ for the best fresh cut flower blooms from this Europe, based florist, beautifully prepared flowers.


Order fresh flowers for your family and friends from Serenata Flowers with FREE delivery.


Serenata Flowers is one of the UK’s largest online florists and one of the largest buyers of fresh flowers in the UK.

You get the most beautiful bouquets which are fresher and better value than their competitors, often up to 30% cheaper, AND offer free delivery!

Their bouquets are fresher than those you will find in traditional flower shops because they get them delivered daily, directly from flower markets in Europe. As an independent flower shop, they cut out the middlemen and pass the savings onto their customers.

They manage our own floral supply, instead of passing your order to a local florist which means what you see online is exactly what your recipient receives. Their flower guarantee is simple : Your bouquet delivered on time, as advertised, or your money back!

Serenata Flowers is one of the very few online florists offering nothing short of beautifully prepared flowers offering standard FREE delivery!


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