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Shiseido Skincare

Enjoy this unique and different kind of skin beauty by a company that has always been about doing things a little differently.


Shiseido Skincare is a different kind of skin beauty and has always been about doing things a little differently


When Arinobu Fukuhara threw open the doors and welcomed the first customers into his Ginza district pharmacy, it signalled the beginning of a company that would change the beauty landscape.

It was 1872, and the Shiseido founder had just introduced Japan to its first Western-style pharmacy.

Aged just 23 and working as Chief Pharmacist in the Japanese navy, Arinobu was disillusioned with the medicine available so he teamed up with some of his colleagues and set out to find an alternative – more Westernized – way of thinking about health.

Their inspiration was a noble one: “To take everything and anything good in this world and use it to create new things”.

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More than 140 years later, Shiseido Skincare continues to thoughtfully fuse Eastern and Western philosophies and innovations together to serve as a beacon of beauty inspiration – especially the Japanese sense of spiritual beauty—for women all over the globe.

They believe that beauty can be found everywhere, in everything, and in every person, and they know that meaningful beauty is so much more than just what they can see. Beauty is a shared feeling; it is diverse, and it is unifying.

When we feel beautiful and confident, we can’t help but feel inspired to go out into the world and make a positive difference in other people’s lives.

By inspiring empathy, beauty is the ultimate force for goodness. And true beauty is made with soul.

Enjoy this unique experience, a journey to a whole new process toward a healthy you – Shiseido Skincare


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