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️ Simba Sleep Mattresses

One mattress, five layers of comfort, tailored to your exacting needs bringing together experience and technology so that your 🛏️ mattress gives you the best night's sleep.

Simba Sleep is an e-commerce brand retailer of the world’s best mattress


The story of how simba sleep created the world’s best mattress started in 1979 with a single piece of thread

Since then, their thread has been used in 50 million mattresses in over 35 countries, where they brought together the three leading experts in their own industries to create the number one mattress with a cutting-edge design using foam and springs providing the perfect night’s sleep.

Simba Sleep has tested their hybrid® mattresses through extensive research together with the sleep to live institute, involving more than 10 million people and measuring 180 million body profile data points.

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Extensive testing saw simba improve the mattress even more where they replaced the memory foam lower down in the mattress and making the technically advanced conical spring unit even more flexible so that it is moulded to the sleeper’s body resulting in more support and a better nights sleep.

For a truly restful night’s sleep, get the perfect mattress for you at Simba Sleep


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