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They have done the sourcing and hard work so that you can cook some of the world's most delicious meals in just 20 minutes!


SimplyCook is the unique way that thousands of foodies have transformed their mid-week meals by using their unique flavour kits and easy to follow recipes.

Simply CookBy following their simple recipes and using their fab easy to follow kits along with a few items from the fridge or cupboard, the world’s most delicious dishes can be cooked from scratch in just 20 minutes.

SimplyCook makes simple recipes and unique flavour blends regularly delivered to your door where you choose to cook from their range of 50 of the world’s most delicious dishes transform your mid-week meals by cooking new and exciting dishes, in just 20 minutes!

So if you’re into good food, get that apron on and contact SimplyCook who are offering new customers their first box for just £4.50!

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