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Smudge Stationery

There’s a new entry to the world of children's stationery, a company that gives kids the tools to express themselves and make their mark in the world.


Smudge Stationery inspires young imaginations to make their mark in the world.


Smudge Stationery creates ‘must-have’ products across a range of children’s stationery.

Their products help give children the freedom to express their own individuality and unlimited creativity.

Seeing enjoyment in their audience and the sense of pride and ownership they have of their work and accessories, drives smudge to inspire and satisfy these wonderfully unique minds.

Their vision affects everything they do, their business strategy, quality of products, innovation, and distinctive visuals are measured by their audience. They aim to be different in ‘making their mark’ and they have their own personality and beliefs, their enthusiasm, passion, and attitude guide them and their identity.

Take a closer look at the huge children’s stationary at Smudge today!

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