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Sofas and Stuff Furniture

Offering superb, handmade fabric furniture where you can visit to create your own bespoke sofa!


Sofas and Stuff Furniture is a family-run company that designs and makes beautiful furniture


They offer beautiful handmade British sofas, corner sofas, sofa beds, beds, armchairs, and a whole lot more!

Over 36+ years of experience, sofas, and stuff furniture products come with a lifetime guarantee and with proven expertise in interior design. Browse a selection of sofa styles, available to buy online offering aΒ range of house fabrics, all with quality and value in mind where you can also unleash your inner designer with our easy-to-use software.
They also have an array of most common types of seating furniture which are couches known as the two-seater, sometimes referred to as a loveseat, designed for seating two persons, and sofas, which are two or more cushion seats.

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Also known as sectional sofas, often just referred to as a ‘sectional’, which are formed from multiple sections and usually include at least two pieces that join at an angle of 90 degrees or slightly greater, used to wrap around walls or other furniture.
Other variants they offer are divans, the fainting couch or backless or partial-backed, and the canapΓ© which are ornamental three-seater.Β  To conserve space, they also offer sofas that double as beds in the form of sofa beds, daybeds, or futons. Choose different fabric combinations, from patterns to plains, and pair with the upholstered bed, sofa, or chair that’s just right for you!

If a Sofas and Stuff Furniture showroom are not as ‘local’, simply call them on 0808 1783211 for a showroom near you!


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