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PrimeSiteUK is a simple, no-nonsense website of internet shopping resource for both shoppers and businesses alike.

We do not claim to be everything to everyone, just a simple resource, no bells or whistles.

Because for us … life is complicated enough!

How Our Directory Is Structured :

The directory is hierarchically arranged by subject – from broad to specific and is maintained by the screening team who evaluates website submissions for inclusion.

They are our experts, and all submissions are subject to editor evaluation.

Quality Listings :

We care a great deal about the quality of PrimeSiteUK in which we pride ourselves on being highly selective so we don’t accept just any advert listing, so please don’t take it personally should your product or service is declined.

However and not being infallible, occasionally, and for whatever reason; we make the odd mistake so if you feel this is the case do please contact us and we’ll happily take another look.

Our Goal :

Our goal is to make our website as useful as possible for both our advertisers and visitors alike.

Policies :

To keep PrimeSiteUK running smoothly and to assist us in exercising our editorial discretion, we have set this policy for advertisers who may wish to add their products and/or services to our platform.

In addition and to ensure transparency, please take a few minutes to review our Terms and Conditions.

Why Add Your Listing :

A business needs traffic if it is to survive …when it comes to promoting products and /or services, we push your message out there – priceless right So how can you afford not to market your business when costs less than a single cup of latte

How We Promote Your Listing :

When you place your product or service advert and only when you have approved it, we will promote it 24/7 via TwitterPinterest, and Facebook for the duration of your listing – as simple as that!

The Process :

It’s really simple, simply select and pay which listing you would like and use the secure PayPal payment link.

As soon as PayPal notifies us of your payment we then begin to create your listing, usually within the hour, and when you have approved it, we then begin promoting it… easy is that!

So Here Are Your Choices :


A basic text-based listing with links!

Just £25.00 for 30 days – (1 Month)

Scheduled posting to Twitter x 1 per day

One Category – Book This Package


You get the all above and a 728X90 banner inclusion!

Scheduled posting to Twitter x 3 per day

Just £125.00 for 182 day – (6 Months)

Two Categories – Book This Package

Save – £25.00!



You get all the above and 160X600, 300X300 banner inclusion!

Scheduled posting to Pinterest & Twitter x 3 per day

Just £250.00 for 365 days – (1 Year)

Five Categories – Book This Package

Save – £50.00!



You get all the above and your video!

Scheduled posting to Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter – Every Day!

Just £600.00 for 365 days – (1 Year)

All Categories – Book This Package

Save – £650.00!

Let's Recap What Your Listing Includes :

Let’s Recap What Your Listing Includes :

A full-blown listing which will include your chosen content copy, and your supplied images.

Payment :

When you have reviewed and approved your listing, payment must be made within 24hrs before it is made live and active for social networks. Payments should be made using PayPal in which an invoice will be generated for your records.

Refunds :

We offer a no-nonsense refund policy (minus applicable PayPal charges) should you decide to cancel your listing. Refunds will be automatically made via PayPal within three (3) working days.

Banner Advertising :

We also provide the opportunity to add your banners anywhere on PrimeSiteUK


If you have any questions with regard to ‘Advertising’ simply send us a message where we will be sure to respond as soon as we are able,  usually within the hour 🙂

Help & Support

Support : 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs – Period : Monday to Friday

Telephone : 01902 595 103