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Sawn Kitchens understand all too well that the kitchen is the hub of family life and an important, integral part of the home.


Swan’s passion is to make dream on-trend kitchens a reality for our customers, by offering affordable iconic cookware and appliances collections that boast stylish design and outstanding performance.

Swan KitchensGiving a vintage feel while issuing a statement, Swan’s Retro is a range of large and small appliances and beautiful new kitchen accessories and cookware that benefits from a stylish vintage charm that nods to the 1950s.

Ideal for both modern and traditional tastes, the collection is available in a host of exciting colours ranging from the exciting reds and blues to the more contemporary matte black.

For maximum impact, choose appliances and cookware in the same colour or mix complementary colours such as blue and cream for a more subtle effect.

Swan is proud that each product is conceived and designed at its headquarters in the UK, backed up by a 160 strong support team including in house designers, customer support team, and quality control.

Put simply, they care about the planet we live on, and so create appliances which are energy-efficient and clean. And to help protect the environment, they also help their customers by recycling their old appliances upon purchasing a replacement … how good is that!

You can read more about this energy-efficient service for help and advice – visit Swan today!

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