Tails Dog Food

Offering tailored dog food, creating a unique recipe for every dog based on the tastes they love, and the nutrition they need.


With Tails Dog Food it’s easy to get your dog’s food just right



Just tell Tails Dog Food about your dog and we’ll create a unique recipe of food just for them.

So, whether they prefer chicken or fish, grain or no grain – choose the health benefits you’d like to see such as a glossier coat, improved digestion, joint care and more.

Their algorithm uses every detail to create their unique recipe such as the right blend of fibre, protein, fats and nutrients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Tails Dog Food Product Video

Add variety, texture and delight to your dog’s diet with a range of slow-cooked wet food, treats and chews. They even have suggestions for your dog based on allergies, sensitivities and taste making it even easier to feed your dog right!

Try it free, then get a box delivered every month (or every 2 weeks for puppies) and cancel at any time without any strings or commitment – You’ll love Tails Dog Food!


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