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Why Now Is A Great Time To Start Cycling

Cycling 🚲 in the UK may be the next big solution to safe and potentially healthier addictive options - not to mention, of course, the environment!

There are many reasons you might want to think about cycling for commuting or other transport when the coronavirus lockdown starts to ease, particularly if you live in a City.

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With physical distancing remaining in place for some time to come, the capacity of public transport will be limited and if more people drive, it will create gridlock. Thus, cities are being encouraged by the government to do all they can to promote cycling, as well as walking, as a way of getting around. Safer routes are being rolled out in Wolverhampton, London, and Manchester, with others likely to follow.

But what if you’re a cycling newcomer, which obstacles and practicalities might you need to think about 


We’ve listed 10 possible ones – by no means are they exhaustive, but they give you some idea of what you should be thinking about no matter if you are a seasoned cyclist or thinking of taking it up to get fit.

Covid-19 has been an unprecedented tragedy for the UK and countless other nations. But as it eases, some aspects of life will change. More bikes on the roads could be a change for the better, not least, of course, keeping fit or working toward getting back into shape.

1. Remember – it’s safer than you might think

Safety, and just as importantly, perceived safety, is perhaps the biggest barrier to more cycling. And if you start riding regularly, a scary incident or two with a motor vehicle is inevitable at some point. But while the UK’s streets could and should be much safer for cycling, very serious incidents remain rare, with a serious injury or death once every million miles ridden.



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