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The Book of Everyone

If you love books, you will love this where you create beautifully designed personalised gift books celebrating someone's life!

The Book of Everyone was created as a gigantic heart-thumping, grin-inducing, lip-wobbling celebration of the individual.

The Book of Everyone

Your mum, your son, your lifelong friend, your local baker and smile-maker because everyone needs to feel loved and unique. And knowing that you share 50% of your DNA with a banana or a billion atoms with Shakespeare is really very important.

Founded by creative directors Jonny Biggins, Jason Bramley, and Steve Hanson, The Book of Everyone was sparked when Steve purchased all the newspapers on the birth of his son Saul as a keepsake for his 21st birthday (please don’t tell him, he still doesn’t know).

They set to work on creating a personalisation platform that could instantly create a book tailored to anyone, stuffed full with curious facts and curveball miscellany, all set against a backdrop of world events.

It’s a daily labour of love that involves all our favourite artists, designers and photographers. Today, The Book of Everyone is a multicultural team of writers, designers, technologists, marketers, and lifelong dreamers with hearts set on spreading a big fat dollop of wonderful across the world.

With hundreds of thousands of books spread across 175 countries so far, The Book of Everyone has made a start.

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