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The California Wine Club

Family-owned winery featuring artisan California wineries giving them a personal way to connect to wine lovers.


The California Wine Club features artisan wineries giving them a personal way to connect to other wine lovers


In 1990, they discovered that small family wineries were the most passionate in the wine world and their wines were hidden gems of wine country

These small wineries handcraft extraordinary wine, but in quantities too limited to be distributed outside their local area. Since 1990 it has been the california wine club’s mission to help these artisan wineries introduce their wines to the World.

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There’re are a small business with one goal: ensure the wines they send to are ones our members will love. Their promise has always been that they will only feature wines they would proudly serve to their own friends and family in our homes, and they mean it!

Today, they proudly offer five different wine of the month club levels so whether for yourself (just pay as you go) or as a gift, their wine club is unmatched for quality wine and impeccable service.

So if you’re a wine lover or just the occasional quaff of a quality glass of wine, you’ll love The California Wine Club


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