The Football Pools

Unlike the lottery, they're still £1 to play and have massive cash prizes with payouts better than a standard bookies accumulator!


The Football Pools is the world’s oldest football gaming company, creating winners since 1923. Our standard game is still just £1 to play, with MASSIVE cash prizes available twice every week!


As you only need 8 score draws (1-1, 2-2, etc) from 10 selections to win a BIG prize, unlike an accumulator, an upset doesn’t mean the end of your bet! Also, smaller prizes are available for players who just miss out on 8 correct selections.

With their new online service, you can either test your football knowledge, identifying fixtures that you believe will result in a score draw; select your lucky numbered fixtures, or simply do a lucky dip to make their selections … done!.

The Football Pools Video

No need to rely on the pools man coming to your door or forgetting where you’ve put your winning coupon; you just sign up for an account online, make your 10 lucky selections, then sit back and wait for that winning phone call! Plus, winnings are automatically paid into your bank account!

So there you have it, with the odds better than other online lottery sites, you’ll love The Football Pools!


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